how to connect cctv dvr to wifi

How to Connect a CCTV DVR to the Internet or wireless Router

How to connect a CCTV DVR to a wireless router or access point. This is the problem that we’re solving in this Article. Let’s say I have a CCTV DVR or NVR.

Basically, if you’re not familiar with that, it’s a DVR that the cameras get hardwired back to the recorder using coax cable.

Most of the CCTV DVRs on the market only have a wired LAN port. There’s no built-in WiFi built into almost all of these devices on the market. They are meant to be hardwired.
I am putting my DVR at a location where I don’t have a hardwired LAN connection, so what do I do?

Connect CCTV DVR to a Wireless Modem!

I can use a wireless bridge to solve this problem. Here’s how I do it. Starting in the upper right, I have two security cameras wired to my surveillance DVR.

Connect a CCTV DVR to the Internet or wireless Router

This can be any number of cameras.
I just happen to use two.
The black lines represent the RG59 coax cable that is used to wire my security cameras to the DVR.

  • The DVR is hardwired to my wireless bridge using a Cat5e cable.
  • I am using an AP-3500 for my Wi-Fi bridge, which is a multipurpose wireless device.
  • I have mine configured as a wireless bridge for this application.
  • The wireless bridge is configured to connect to my wireless access point.
  • I am using a Linksys Cisco router for my access point and router in this case.
  • It is the type that is typically used in residential and small business networks.
  • My Linksys router is connected to the internet.
  • This can be any type of internet connection, such as DSL, cable, or a direct fiber connection.
  • Now, as long as port forwarding is configured properly on my router, I can access my security cameras from remotely over the internet.
  • Now that I explained how to set up your DVR with a wireless access point, let’s go over the downside to that.
  • Video streaming uses a lot of bandwidth and relies on reliability.
  • You can’t have a network connection going up and down and speed varying.
  • These are things that tend to happen with wireless.
  • It’s just the nature of it.
  • There’s interference from other wireless devices.
  • Wireless is never as reliable as a hardwired network connection.
  • That’s why these DVRs come with only a wired connection because that’s really how they’re meant to be set up.
  • I would say that using this method and implementing a wireless bridge for a security camera DVR is a last resort option.
  • If you absolutely cannot run wire for an internet connection to your DVR, then use this.
  • If you can run a wire, I highly recommend that you do so.

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