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We’re not saying this just to gain your attention; it really is true. IP Cam Viewer has been given the Best Software Award 2011 in the utility category. See? We’re not bluffing. This app can be used in Android mobiles – honeycomb, ICS and jelly bean. Through this, you can keep an eye on your IP camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or WebCam and the best thing is that it can be done from anywhere.
A new feature has been added up to this already amazing app which allows you to play the audio in the background while you use other apps or merely lock the Background Audio Mode can be availed by clicking the Menu in the Gallery View. It also includes motion detection sound alerts that are if they are enabled for the camera. This Motion Detection feature is designed in a way that it can work with all cameras. It can play sound in viewers when it detects motion but it can be recorded only when the motion is in Record Mode. We are planning to add mobile notifications as well soon.
Record Mode:
Your Android device can be turned into a network recorder for your IP cameras by means of the Record Mode present in the IP Cam Viewer. This allows facilities like playback, search and sends to the video clip.
What more?
It provides you SSL encryption for privacy, a two-way audio if you upgrade it, a motion detection facility for all cameras, the option to control things such as unwanted light, custom controls and home screen widgets. Moreover, it gives you matrix and gallery view including auto sequence can also enjoy options like double-tapping for digital zoom and pinching to zoom. Cameras can be grouped for origination and quick recall. Other than this, you can import, export and share cameras. In order to protect your app, it is protected by an app password that only you know. There is a 24/7 recording of cameras and a scanner. Finally, there is a background audio mode that I have already mentioned above.
Something new:
Are you wondering if we have something new in our spyware? Well, we do have a lot to share with you on this note. We have for you more drivers and driver fixes. Also, from the settings, you can have an app password timeout if you wish to. There is a new record scheduled for all the cameras and new in-app Motion viewers can play a sound when any motion is detected. Moreover, it performs even better with FolderSync Lite in order to record folder sync.

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