KERUI Alarm System Review

Security systems to protect homes and offices. The model number for this system is KR-H01. It has 110V-220V AC power, 433MHz operating frequency, 100 meters as normal working distance, it operates with the siren input voltage, it has a remote adapter, remote to arm and disarms the system.

The key is, its horn sounds loud up to 110db. It can damage your ears when your sound is more affected.

Feature of KERUI Home Alarm System

  • Main assumption: G18 is simply a GSM alarm system, the update version G183 works with a 3G GSM SIM card. send messages di Texto hasta 6 números by phone through the red cell phone, with AT&T receipt, Tarjeta SIM T-mobile Como 2G not available in Europe. UU. In 2019, AT&T offers you 2G service in 2017, and the 3G alarm system is more secure than wifi in case of Internet access.
  • APP Control antirobic system: primero descargue the aplicación (busque “sistema de alarma G18” in the tienda of aplicaciones of Google or iPhone) de forma free y registre a cuenta, insert a tarjeta SIM in the teclado de la alarma, remote control of the system security for canteen text in aplicación in teléfono inteligente based on what is the crucial moment. PIR motion sensor that detects which motion or suspended action device, the door / fan sensor that detects force. When activating the detectors, an anfitrión of the alarma recibirá the alerta de alarma mientras llama on su teléfono, desarme por aplicación / SMS / llamada
  • Brief description: It is an interior security system kit complete with a main unit and fully programmable sensors, if possible use directly the desenchufar the timeline for protection for the office, departure, commercial departure, the negocio; Bricolaje compatible with 99 areas in which 150 remote devices and 150 sensors have been installed, it is possible to access the closest sensors, control the gas detector, the energy leakage sensor proportionally reliable protection. You can check the advertising sensors in our window or podemos personalizar los kit para usted.
  • Diseño humanized: fácil operación with Pantalla táctil a color TFT, diseño of aviso de Voz during the configuration; Built-in 3.7V 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can last about 6-8 hours with power, will change to use one battery per function in case of energy, only waiting for the interruption. Other useful features like arm withdrawal, teclado blocks, timing arm, etc.

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